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Health & Safety

Freestyla Health & Safety Policy

Freestyla is committed to working together to maintain health & safety standards that ensure a high level of commitment to the health & safety, moral and well being of our employees. Our policy can be found here.

We will ensure:

  • The systematic identification of hazards and risks associated with our work.

  • Effective hazard controls are in place and complied with.

  • Hazards are reviewed daily to ensure any changes or introduction of new hazards are identified and controlled.

  • Compliance with the legal requirements and approved codes of practice applicable to the work we carry out.

  • Proactive reporting of near misses, incidents and accidents, follow up and close out of corrective and preventative actions to prevent recurrence.

  • Our employees have the opportunity to contribute to the health and safety aspects formally and informally.

  • Our employees are trained and evidence exists for the tasks they  are expected to carry put, plant they are expected to operate, equipment they are expected to use and substances they are expected to handle.

  • Company inductions are carried out for our employees.

  • Employees and our subcontractors are in a fit for work condition to perform their duties in a safe, productive and healthy manner, which does not place themselves or any other person at risk of harm.

  • Continual improvement of our work practices and associated health & safety aspects.

Michael Patton
Managing Director
Freestyla Construction & Recruitment Ltd

Health and Safety
Health and Safety is one of our businesses most important values. Refer to the Worksafe NZ website to read New Zealand Health and Safety regulations.

Freestyla is a valued member of SiteSafe New Zealand and is proud to be certified under SiteWise Green Status.

The national standard for health and safety competency for the construction industry, ConstructSafe provides a framework to test and measure health and safety competence. Freestyla superviors are able to assist with your ConstructSafe Tier 1 Health and Safety Competency Test knowledge requirements.

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